Transportation & Logistics

Industry leaders in T&L

At Stillwater, we understand the complexity of Transportation and Logistics companies and the dynamics of each niche within the sector.

Many T&L acquisitions fail because of a fundamental lack of understanding of how the businesses operate and how the transaction will add value. At Stillwater, we believe the evolution of T&L calls for far more than just geographic expansion. Solid companies with the ability to disrupt the industry are sought after to expand and augment the business model of the acquirer.

We create value for clients using a proven framework to execute transactions that leverages our unparalleled, proprietary networks.

Stillwater’s T&L Practice Group provides clients with exceptional and accessible advice. As the leading T&L M&A advisor in North America, we bring superior competency, insight, and expertise. Whether selling, developing an acquisition program, refinancing, or valuing a T&L company, partnering with Stillwater will prove foundational to achieving strategic corporate goals.